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Holy Trinity C of E

Primary School

“Every child, every chance, every day.”


At Holy Trinity C of E Primary School we pride ourselves on our excellent behaviour. We believe that the Christian Values we promote contribute positively to behaviour within our school and helps pupils develop the skills needed to become fantastic role models both in school and the community. 


Our Expectations


We expect adults and children in our school to:

· Be polite and courteous at all time

· Be kind to others

· Show respect for their own and school property

· Be prepared to co-operate in all aspects of school life

· Share resources and equipment

· Show respect for each other

· Take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others


Learning Behaviours


In order to create long life learners  we will provide

opportunities for pupils to develop the following learning behaviours:

FS – Cooperation, Inquisitiveness, Independence

KS1 – Risk taking, Collaboration, Problem Solving

KS2 – Making links, Resilience, Reflection & Perseverance


Christian Values


As a Church of England school we will promote the following Christian Values: Responsibility, Friendship, Caring, Consideration, Respect, Honesty, Peace, Forgiveness.




Pupils will receive rewards when they show good learning behaviours  or always meet the school’s expectations regarding good behaviour. Rewards will include:  verbal praise, stickers, certificates, house points and books. For those children who demonstrate excellent  behaviour during a half term a text message will be sent to parents. At the end of each term a behaviour reward party will take place e.g. Pizza and pop, Inflatables and ice cream, Wii party, etc. All children who have displayed continued good behaviour throughout the term will be invited to take part.


Behaviour Recovery


If at any time a pupil’s behaviour is  wrong they will be given a number of chances to put it right. It is their own responsibility to choose to do the right thing.

Chance 1: A non verbal reminder. This could be a look or an action which will remind them of what they need to do.

Chance 2:  A verbal reminder. A member of staff will tell them what they need to do.

Chance 3:  2 or 3 mins in ‘Class Reflection’ to think about what they have done wrong and what they are going to do next to put it right.

Chance 4:  2 or 3 mins in  ‘Year Group Reflection ’ to think about what they have done wrong and what they are going to do next to put it right.

Chance 5: Time in ‘School Reflection’ with a senior leader  to talk about what they have done wrong and what they are going to do to put it right.


Bottom Liners


Hurting another pupil with words or actions and ignoring what an adults asks you to do will not be tolerated. Anybody doing any of these things will go straight to chance 5. The Head of School and their parents will be informed. In some cases it may be necessary to give a pupil a fixed term exclusion. (Please see our Exclusion Policy)



You have the right to learn in a safe and happy environment.


You have the responsibility to make sure that you behave in a way that  allows teachers to teach and other pupils to learn in a safe and happy  environment.



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