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Holy Trinity C of E

Primary School

“Every child, every chance, every day.”


Activity 5- Panama Art


This type of art is very popular in Panama, a country that links Central and South America. Panamanian art is influenced by African and Latin art mixed together. It consists of using vibrant colours and and a variety of patterns.  Mola is a type of Panama Art which is traditional textile craft created by layering coloured fabric.


Can you create your own Panama Art? You can use a variety of resources such as; chalk, pastels, colouring pencils, paint or felt tips to create your masterpiece.


Activity 4- Mandela Rocks


Can you create mandela patterns using rocks and paint?

Activity 3- 3D structures


Create a 3D structure of any famous landmarks from all around the world using newspaper. Challenge yourself by using any materials you can find at home, for instance lolly pop sticks, cards, play dough or paper. 


Activity 2- Observational drawing


Use your observation to accurately sketch an object in your house.  Try to use a 3d effect when drawing your image.


Activity 1- Poetry Art


You have been set a task in English to write a poetry piece. Can you transform your writing into art? You can use various art mediums  to create your masterpiece such as; pencil, charcoal, paint or pastels.


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