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Holy Trinity C of E

Primary School

“Every child, every chance, every day.”


 The Little Shoemaker


In a timeless Parisien street there is a little shoemaker called Mr Botte.  He makes and sells a special kind of shoes and business is good.  However, the little shoemaker's life is about to change... a new shoe seller is in town and he will do anything to gain business.  Mr Botte's business starts to fail.  How will he cope?  Maybe he will get some help from unexpected quarters.  


Click on the link below and watch the video. Choose any of the activities listed. You must use a relative clause and modal verbs in your writing.


Activity One- Explanation text. Can you help Mr. Botte by drawing and designing your own shoe? Explain how you made it. Think about what materials you used, the shape of it and any special features it may have. 

Activity Two- Fairy tale.  Mr. Botte has gifted you with a pair of his magical shoes, however you are unsure of what majestic powers it may have. Write a story about the day in the life of the magical shoes. Remember to make it as creative as possible.

These free units include guidance for parents, age appropriate stories and activities to go with them.

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