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Holy Trinity C of E

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“Every child, every chance, every day.”

Collective Worship

This page is for thoughts, prayers and reflections for you and your families to access while we can't all be in school together.  Many of you have told me how much you appreciate and enjoy Collective Worship in school, so I hope you will try to take a little bit of time each day to be still and quiet, to reflect on the thoughts and prayers here, and join in with the songs, just like we do in school.

If anyone has a thought or prayer they would like to share with me during this time, that I could add to this website, please email it to me on:

Thank you,

Mrs Gamble


Here is a website where you can find some family worship to join in with at home:

Link to Holy Trinity Church Toddler group activities

If you have younger children at home, they might enjoy watching these videos from Holy Trinity Church:



What is prayer? It just means talking to God. Christians believe that you can pray to God at any time, and anywhere. It says in the book of Thessalonians chapter 5v16-18:

"Always be happy.  Never stop praying.  Give thanks whatever happens. That is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus."

You can talk to God wherever you are, about whatever you are doing, you can thank him for things, and you can bring your worries to him. It doesn't matter what words you use, he will always be listening. You can also use a written prayer to talk to God. There are some examples of written prayers on this page you can use.

Lunch Time Prayers

Here are the prayers we use at lunchtime in school. You can use them at home too!

Home Time Prayers

Here are the prayers we use at home time in school. You can use them at home too!

The Lord's Prayer

This is a prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. You can find it in the Bible by looking in Luke chapter 11 v 1-4.


The Grace

This is a prayer that Christians often use in church. You can use it at home too!

Prayers written by children:

This prayer was written by Praise from our worship council:


Dear Lord,

May you bring hope in this dark world. Jesus, as the hope in this world you died on the cross for us. Let your sacrifice bring help into this world. Help us to turn to you in this time of trouble. Have mercy on teachers, students and the nation. Bring your light to shine in the dark. Thank you God.

In Jesus’ name

Amen .


I you would like to write your own prayer to go on this page, please email it to me at:

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