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“Every child, every chance, every day.”

Year 4

Parent Meeting 


Usually in September we invite parents in for a short meeting about Year 4.  As we can not have parents in at this point, we have recorded a video for you and provided the power point presentation.


Below is a video of the teachers giving you all the information you need for the coming year. We have provided a copy of the PowerPoint presentation below also. 

Calling all writers,

I am looking for young journalists to produce news articles for our school newspaper. I am looking for a range of news stories, which could be about current affairs or about local events. You might want to report on politics, sport, art and culture, entertainment or human-interest stories. If you would like your story to be published in the first edition of the HT herald then email your story to by 3rd July 2020.


Stay  safe


Miss James 

Calling all budding artists!


JK Rowling has released a brand new childrens story for free called "The Ickabog". It begins with King Fred the Fearless, ruler of Cornucopia, and five-year-old Bert Beamish, and readers are also introduced to the myth of a fearsome monster called The Ickabog.

The majority of Cornucopia was a "magically rich land" with happy people and lots of delicious food. However, those dwelling on the northern tip, known as the Marshlanders, lived on scraps. They had "rough voices, which the other Cornucopians imitated" and were teased about "their manners and their simplicity". Who will save them from The Ickabog?

New chapters are released every week and the exciting part if that your illustrations could become part of the book when it is published. JK Rowling suggests pictures for you to draw each week and then they can be entered into a competition. 

So get reading and get inspired with your drawings and email them to your teacher when you are done so we can all see your amazing Ickabogs! The link to the story is below.

Happy reading! Can't wait to see your drawings.


Teachers Under Quarantine

Stay safe during this tough time, the HT team miss you all.

Below you will find lots of helpful links to help you support your child's learning at home. 

If you need help with home learning during this period of self isolating please email class teachers with your questions and they will get back to you as swiftly as they can!  Please also send us any work you have done, we'd love to see what you are doing at home!

Class 11:

Class 12: 

Collective Worship

There is now a Collective Worship section of the website. Go to this page to find thoughts, questions, prayers, songs and reflections to share with your families at home.



White Rose

The following link will take you to the white rose website where you can find videos for lessons which which are updated each week. You can no longer get the worksheets on the website, however we have put them below and Miss Geddes has also emailed them across to you.



BBC Bitesize


You can also find maths activities to support the white rose videos on BBC bitesize. Please see the link below.

Oak Academy

There are lesson on measure to do at the oak academy website. These would also be really useful in supporting your child's learning. Please click on the link below:



Silver, Gold and Platinum Problems

Here are some problems to support your work on decimal numbers:


Timestable Rock Stars

You can access the times table rockstars website here:


If you are having any issues logging into Times Tables Rockstars or if your child has lost their login then please contact Mr. Corby on the email address below for support.


Your child will have been sent home with a reading book and a library book to share at home.


Bug Club

As well as your reading books, don't forget you can read even more books online with your Bug Club account (the website link is below).  Class teachers have allocated your children books and spelling and grammar videos and games to access online at home .


Usernames and passwords have been stuck in the back of reading record for children.  Please ask your class teacher if you are unsure of your username and password.

Reading Wise Website

There are lots of reading activities on this website. All children should have been emailed a log in, but if you haven't had yours, please ask your teacher.



Comprehension Questions


Below are a range of useful questions you could ask your child whilst they read to you at home.  There are different types of questions that match our reading gems in school.



Comprehension Actvities

Here are some reading comprehension activities to have a go at from the Oak National Academy:


Here are some 60 second comprehension activities about Ancient Egypt to have a go at:




Click on the link below to go to some videos of Mrs Gamble reading  Class 12's reading book, Krindlekrax.

Spelling and Grammar


Common Exception Words:


Here are the year 4 Common Exception Words. You can also find them in the middle of your reading record. Practise writing sentences with each one in, or write them out for handwriting. Send your teacher a photo of what you have done!


Grammar- Subordinating Conjunctions

Here is a lesson from Oak National Academy on co-ordinating conjunctions. You can also look at the powerpoint then complete the jigsaw activities.

And here is some further work from bitesize about subordinating conjunctions:

Spelling Activity on the suffix -ous and -sion

Look at the lesson below to practise your suffixes:



Picture of the week:

Look at this picture. What do you think is happening here? Can you describe the characters? Can you write a story about what happens? Don't forget to send us your stories!



Have a look at these lessons from Oak National Academy on understandind poetry and writing a poem.

Reading and Writing a news report

Please go to the link below to complete a series of lessons on writing a news report.


Use the following resources to explore Ancient Egypt. 

Can you write fact sheets with the information you have found? 

Could you go back into the past and think about what it was like to live during Ancient Egyptian times?


One of our History topics is 'Settlements'. Before the lockdown, we started exploring The Stone Age and how they settled in Britain. We thought you could do some more exploring on Settlements, how people travelled and how they decided where to live. There are 6 PowerPoints and Activities for each lesson. 


We had come to the end of our unit of Sound, so to help you, we have uploaded our new unit of Living Things and their Habitats. There are 6 lessons which have Powerpoints and activities. 



Summer Term 2: Pentecost

Our question for Summer Term 2 is: "After Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?"

To learn about the first Pentecost, watch the video  and the powerpoint below. Then read the sheet and answer the questions about Pentecost.


Draw a picture of what happened on the first Pentecost. You could draw speech or thought bubbles coming from the different characters to show what they might have been thinking or saying.

Summer 1: Islam and Ramadan

Our question for Summer 1 was 'What are the 5 pillars of Islam?' Use the activities below to learn about the 5 pillars and the holy month of Ramadan.

Now look at this powerpoint, and answer the questions  on the sheet.

One of the pillars of Islam is Sawm which means fasting. Muslims fast (go without food) during the month of Ramadan. 

Go to the bitesize website below and watch the video to find out more about Ramadan:



Now try the activities below:

Why not make a poster all about Ramadan or the 5 pillars and decorate it with Islamic pictures and symbols?

Also, look in the comprehension section for a reading activity about Ramadan.

Don't forget to send us photos of any work you have done or things you have learned in RE.

PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

See the link below from the Oak National Academy to go to a fun lesson all about how you could become a leader!

Here is the second lesson in the series on leading the country during coronavirus:



Have a look at these websites which have lots of songs to sing along to at home. Try teaching your families as well!



Even if we have to be indoors a the moment, it's still important to exercise and keep fit! Here's a really good way to do it: get your whole family exercising with Joe Wicks on the link below:


Miss Monk has made some videos of fun physical activities you can do while at home. Click on the link below to go to the videos.


Don't forget to keep going with our class blog! It's a great way to keep in touch with your classmates when we can't all be together.

Your log in for the blog should be in your reading record, but if you've lost or forgotten it, send your teacher an email on the address above and we can get it for you.

Mr Dowen's programming challenge- visit the class blog to see an exciting challenge that Mr Down has set up for you!


Please also look under the computing tab at the top of the page for further actvities you can do in computing.


Other Useful links for learning

The Twinkl Home learning Hub

This website has lots of ideas and activities and a suggested daily timetable to help structure your learning at home.



BBC bitesize

Here you can find lessons on many different subjects to support the learning you are doing at home.

Oak Academy

The Oak Academy website has a variety of lessons on different subjects you can access for free.


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