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“Every child, every chance, every day.”

Year 5

Meet the teacher

Welcome to Year 5's class page. On this page you will discover what we are currently studying in History and Geography as well any other important information regarding home learning. 


Click on the links above to find out more about what we are doing in each subject area.





Calling all budding artists!


JK Rowling has released a brand new childrens story for free called "The Ickabog". It begins with King Fred the Fearless, ruler of Cornucopia, and five-year-old Bert Beamish, and readers are also introduced to the myth of a fearsome monster called The Ickabog.


The majority of Cornucopia was a "magically rich land" with happy people and lots of delicious food. However, those dwelling on the northern tip, known as the Marshlanders, lived on scraps. They had "rough voices, which the other Cornucopians imitated" and were teased about "their manners and their simplicity". Who will save them from The Ickabog?


New chapters are released every week and the exciting part is that your illustrations could become part of the book when it is published! JK Rowling suggests pictures for you to draw each week and then they can be entered into a competition. So get reading and get inspired with your drawings and email them to your teacher when you are done so we can all see your amazing Ickabogs!


The link to the story is below.

Happy reading! Can't wait to see your drawings. 



Song of the week - Baby beluga!


Have a go at leaning this weeks song of the week with the sing up team! There is a link which will take you to extra activities where you can learn more information about the fascinating beluga whales!



Teachers Under Quarantine

Stay safe during this tough time, the HT team miss you all.

History Topic

This half term we will be studying 'Early Islamic civilization, including a study of Baghdad'.

Can you do some research to answer the following questions:


                      Who were they? 

                 In which time period were they alive?

                 Where did they live?  

                  What can we find out about Baghdad?

          What was everyday life like in Baghdad?

           How does Baghdad compare to London?



Geography Topic

This half term we will be looking at South America 

Can you do some research to answer the following questions:


What countries can be found in South America?

What would it be like to live in South America?

What are the human and physical features of South America?

South America

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